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The Ford Tri-Motor

Information about the Ford Tri-Motor

Bryan Benedict

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of The Ford Tri-Motor

The Ford Tri-Motor Henry Ford Henry Ford saw that air mass transportation had a high potential.
Ford also saw that airline travel could be possible
Ford got an engineer William Bushnell Stout Professor Hugo Junkers Junkers helped get the Ford Tri-Motor made in a way.
The engineer Stout used Junkers pricipals on making an airplane
Junkers changed the material that were used to make airplanes
Junkers started using all-metal which had little to no external bracing William Bushnell Stout William Stout was a bold salesman who could build airplanes off of the principals of Junkers
Stout sent a mimeograph to huge manufactures asking for $1,000.
Stout raised $20,000
William B. Stout owned the Stout Metal Airplane Company (S.M.A.C.)
Investors invested in the Stout Metal Airplane Company The Stout Airplane Company Herny Ford and his sone bought the Stout Airplane Company
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