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Biological Sciences

No description

David Mellor

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences at Rutgers This is a credit intensive, tough major that provides great preparation for graduate school, medical school, and many careers Starting the Major Freshman year usually starts with General Biology, General Chemistry, Calculus or Pre-Calc, Expository Writing, and maybe one more class, such as a Byrne seminar.

This first semester is not for everyone. Taking a science class in the summer or waiting until your sophomore year is possible, speak with an adviser to go over the different options. Important reminders, requirements, and steps In the second and third years, most students will complete their Organic Chemistry, Physics, Genetics, and a few Life Science elective lectures and labs Check in with advisers We put as much information online as possible, and Degree Navigator can be helpful, but nothing beats checking with a real live person to make sure you're on track.

Meeting all of your major requirements can be a bit tricky sometimes, but we're here to help!

http://biology.rutgers.edu/advising Look for Research! Take advantage of the many resources available at Rutgers by contacting professors about their work.

Go to a departmental seminar, go to office hours, put yourself out there and ask for advice on how best to work in a lab. Avoid common pitfalls Make sure to read your major requirements carefully! You're required to have 24 credits of electives. 18 of these must be at the 300-400 level. You also need 3 life science lab classes (not the gen bio, chemistry, or physics labs!). Check in to make sure the classes you are taking count towards your major. http://biology.rutgers.edu/biological-sciences/research http://biology.rutgers.edu/biological-sciences
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