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sir gawain and the green knight

No description

Addie Newell

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of sir gawain and the green knight

Story Map Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
starts off with King Arthur
having a feast celebrating
Christmas. All was going
well, until the green knight
came bursting into the hall. The green knight comes with a challenge. Someone can get a free swing at his head with an axe. But they must meet him in the green chapel a year and a day from then to receive a
blow in return. Being king Arthur's best knight, Sir Gawain
accepts the challenge and is able to easily cut off the green knights head. after some kicking of the head, the green knight picks it up, and reminds Gawain of his promise to meet him at the green chapel in a year and a day. while the lord is off hunting, his wife tries to seduce Sir Gawain. He mostly resists, but allows her a kiss. this happens for 2 days, with sir Gawain and the lord exchanging the game and the kisses as their winnings. on the third day, Gawain get another kiss as well as the lady's belt, which she says will save his life. when exchanging their winnings again, Gawain doesn't give the lord the belt. When it is almost a year and a day from then,
Sir Gawain heads off to find the green chapel. he finds a castle while searching, and the host graciously welcomes Gawain to stay until he has to depart. Gawain agrees, and they make a deal, that whatever the lord wins in his hunting will be Gawain's, and whatever Gawain wins in the castle will be the lords. when sir Gawain goes to the green chapel to receive his return blow, the green knight, after teasingly swinging the axe 3 times, cuts just a bit of Gawain's neck. He finds out that the green knight was actually the lord of the castle, and was trying to teach Gawain about honesty. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Symbolism

· Chivalry “Code of Robin hood”

o Typically virtue, honor, and courtly love

o Protect others who cannot fend for themselves (widows, children, etc.)

o Service men (advisors & modern military)

o Loyal, generous, & noble bearing

o Lived for king by honor and glory

o Feared God and kept his Church

o Refused reward and preserved to the end

^Pentagon—five virtues of knighthood: friendship, generosity, chastity, courtesy, and piety

n Gawain was tempted to keep these virtues with nearly dying on the way to the Lord’s castle, lord’s wife, and promise to lord

· Letter of the law (Bible)

n Old covenant abiding in virtue (not a game of hunt, but moral values)

n Bertilak freed Gawain from sin but Sir could not accept so a reminder hangs as his girdle around his neck

· Seasons

n Describe winter to spring, cheerful Gawain à bleakness

n Young à old

n ** How the code of chivalry (meaning) changed in Gawain [his] life with interacting with the lord’s wife**

· The “Games”—all tested [his] Gawain virtuous social life

n Knights challenged for someone to tell him a story

n Knight’s challenge to Gawain

n Wordplay

· Pentangle (endless knot)—symbol of truth

n What Gawain strives for: be faultless in his five senses; never fail his five fingers; faithful to the five wounds of Christ, strengthened by five joys (doctrines) [Annunciation, Nativity, Resurrection, Ascension, and Assumption]; possess brother love, courtesy, piety, and chastity

n Virgin Mary à Gawain à never lose heart of responsibility

· Green Girdle

n Embroidered with green silk and gold threadà Green Knight

n Bertilakà Green Knightà Gawain curses girdle as excessive self & mortal love and cowardice

n Gawain wears it as a mortal piece of damnation; Arthur and his men wear green silk baldrics that look like Green Knight's
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