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Education in South Korea

Private schools VS public schools in South Korea

Luca Torriani

on 9 May 2012

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Transcript of Education in South Korea

Education in South Korea South Korea has its economics based on the excellent education. 80% of Korean teenagers enter universities, and their principal goal is to enter in one of the three main universities of the State, but 70% of the universities are private. University of Seoul University of Korea University of Yonsei They have recently introduced admission tests to enter. Students with an average of mark around the 3.0 can access for free, while students with an average mark around the 2.0 have to pay the equivalent sum of about 5.500 dollars per year. Scholar system is very severe, and scholastic success is considered fundamental from young Korean students. As a matter of fact, entering one of the three previously mentioned universities would mean a certainty of obtaining a prestigious job. This huge sense of responsibility in front of a lot of strictness of the system, makes South Korea the first nation in number of student’s suicides in the world. OCSE surveys show that South Korea counts a number of suicides that is just under the 150 cases every year. The scholar scheme in South Korea is the following:
6 years of elementary school
3 years of middle school
3 years of high school
4 years of junior college/college/university
Pre-scholar education is not included in the formal scholar scheme, but it is considered as very important.
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