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Nike Fuel Connec+

By: MacKenzie L., Chelsea S., Randee L., Brian B., Brennan F.

MacKenzie LaMotte

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Nike Fuel Connec+

Subscription based
Above competitor pricing
Integration with Nike Fuelband
Brand recognition
Online competition
2012, Nike+Fuelband was released
Nike equipment division revenue increased by 16% and then another 8% from 12' to 13'
Points of Difference
All in one
Completely customizable
24 hour tech support
Smartphone fitness app download to increase more than 60% in 5 years
Resource Requirements
Connec+ 5 Year Projections
Brian Bowe, Chelsea Suzumoto, Randee Layosa, Brennan Faith and MacKenzie LaMotte
The Right Market, The Right Product
The missing link in the fitness application industry
Fitness App Industry
Trends in the fitness industry as a whole
Trends in the fitness Application industry
Top competitors
What the customers are saying
Market Product Focus
The 4 P's
Equipment division will increase 40% in 5 years (13'-18').
Nike equipment will bring in $1 billion revenue by 2016.
2018 ED revenue will be around $1.1 billion.
Who We Are
Nike Fuel Connec+
Nike+ within Equipment division
Emphasis on simplicity for a lifestyle change
Connects with the Fuelband
Enhanced features from the Nike+ App that creates personalized meal plans and workouts
Internet advertisement
Marketing Program
Target Market
Competitive Analysis
Why we're the best
"Teamwork makes the dream work"
5 Year Plan
Taking Action
Nike Fuel Connec+ is available to apple and android users
Our goal is to have Nike Fuel Connec+ be the next best fitness and nutrtion app
Grocery store and supermarket affiliates
Social media
Promotional giveaways
Graphic Designers
Tech Support
The Fuel Connec+ Team
Director of Social Media
Sales Manager
Head Nutritionist
Director of Finances
Technical Support Manager
Continuous additions

Step 1: Personal Information
Step 2: Goals
Step 3: Dietary Information
Step 4: Generate my Menu
Step 5: Track my Progress
App capable devices
All athletes
Anyone with a body
Optimum nutritional health
Lifestyle change
Fitness App Trend
5 Year Forecast
Finance Forecast
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