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HDR Photography

No description

Ross Staszak

on 26 June 2012

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Transcript of HDR Photography

Double click anywhere & add an idea W West Philadelphia South Philadelphia Old City Northern Liberties Fishtown Fairmount Chinatown High Dynamic Range Photography History Technical Overview Objectives
Technical Overview
Results Approach Results Developed by Charles Wyckoff in the 1930s Potential first seen on the cover of Time magazine,
showing the explosion of a hydrogen bomb circa 1940s HDR photography became more popular in 1995
when Paul Debevec developed software capable of
generating HDR images Dynamic Range is the ratio between the lighest and
darkest parts of a scene Ratio of two luminance values which are measured in
candelas per square meter Overlay Images Tone Mapping...What is it? A technique used in image processing to map one set of colors onto another,
Mimic a greater dynamic range;
Improve image contrast;
Improve image detail. •Technical Overview of how HDR Images work;
•Create Images using built in MATLAB functions
•Discussion of Advantages and Disadvantages concerning HDR vs. Conventional Imaging Techniques Project Objectives •Select neighborhoods to be photographed; West Philly
Northern Liberties
China Town
South Philly
Old City •Create and apply Matlab HDR Script •Apply Adobe Photo Shop Photomatix HDR Suite Histogram Conventional HDR Two Types
Global - maps every pixel in the image the same way regardless of the value of the surrounding pixels
Local - applies a different effect to each pixel according to the local features of the image.
more complicated
produces better visual effects than global tone mapping, e.g. halos, ringing, and fantasy like images. Blurry Ghosting Disadvantages Results Yippee Skippy ZOOM This is a very long hallway and it scares me... welcome to my presentation
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