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Recreaton of the AI Lobby

Creating a more efficent and controlled lobby and gallery area at The Art Institute of Jacksonville.

logan willey

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Recreaton of the AI Lobby

The lobby area, as of right now, is inconcievable. When you walk in you don't know who to talk to..
you're initial reaction, as a first time visitor, is to speak to the security guard.
However, they are not the greeter, the secretary is in the gallery behind a desk in a closed off dark room. By knocking down the dividing wall between the gallery and the lobby then you automatically know who to speak with when you walk in.
Putting the security guard and the secretary behind the same desk, keeps both on track and focused.
The desk will need to be placed at full view when entering the building so that those entering know the correct person to speak with. There is no type of identificaton that this is The Art Institute of Jacksonville.
By jutting the wall to the left out slightly to face the door more than it forces those entering to look at it. If we cut into that wall and carved the logo and school name into it then it would give notice to the school's identity. Right now there is an eccessive amount of unused furniture in the gallery area.
We need seating but not to much or it becomes excess clutter.
By creating a small private seating area against the windows then this problem is suddenly eliminated. The gallery serves multiple different functions.
However, how it is planned out right now then those multiple functions are not being fulfilled as well as they could be.
If we created a built in drop down projection screen into the ceiling then this could be used during the times when large groups of people are pushed into the gallery; such as orientation or movie nights.
If also had built in pedestals it would be inviting to viewer to look at the work displayed during everyday displays.
This would be the simplest ways of reaching the goal to succesfully accomadate a variety of different uses.
The arhitecture of the rooms gives no direction as to where you should be going.
By simply changing the ceiling levels in various spots then we can hurry up the speed of traffic through the lobby, create a more closed off seating area and highlight student work.
Using curved lines as direction and by playing with ceiling height we can solve many problems that the space encounters daily. There is much that needs to be done with our gallery area to open it up and create more space to present student work. These ideas are the beggining of a much needed project!
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