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How Do Animals Meet Their Needs?

No description

Sydney Vessels

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of How Do Animals Meet Their Needs?

How do an animal's physical traits help them meet their basic needs of survival?
What do you need to stay alive?
Animals need food, water, air and a way to protect themselves.
These 4 things are called
basic needs
A way to protect themselves
physical characteristic
is something special that makes a group or an individual different than others.
physical characteristic
of an elephant is it's trunk.
How do you think an elephant uses it's trunk to meet it's
basic needs
like eating and drinking?
Humans and animals meet their
basic needs
with the help of
physical traits

2) Choose one animal you learned about in the video (sharks, vipers, walruses, beavers) and describe how it uses it's teeth to meet it's
basic needs
physical characteristic
birds have to help meet their
basic needs
are beaks. Different birds have different types of beaks.

Bird Beak Experiment
1) List the 4
basic needs
of humans and animals?
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