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Dog Ears Cafe & Bookstore

No description

Erin Rollins

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Dog Ears Cafe & Bookstore

Types of Events
Hold Poetry nights every 4th Friday of each month.
Dog Ears Cafe & Bookstore
Poetry Night
Various Poets
How Its Impacted the Buffalo Community
Roseann published her own book supported and sold by Dog Ears.
Helps foster creativity in kids
Other local authors are supported by Dog Ears
Buffalo Professional Firefighters Association
Friends of Mark Schroeder
Higgins For Congress
Brian Gausik Sales
In Memory of Sr. Isabelle Reilly
Guitar Factory
Matthew Burke
Dr. Richard Sheehan DDS & Dr. Julie Sheehan DDS

Buffalo Police Benevolent Association
Cannan Funeral Home
Friends of Michael P. Kearns
John & Joan Lutz
Robert & Nora McGuire
Orthodontists Associates of WNY, PC
Richard & Karen Penfold
SB Marketing LLC
Patrick & Maureen Schloss
Southtowns Financial Group, Inc.
Tony’s Hairstyling

Friends of South District Councilman
Christopher P. Scanlon
Friends of Tim Kennedy

Certo Brothers Distributing Co.
Crowley, Webb & Associates
Edward J. Butler – Family Foundation
Jim & Marianna Monahan
Legacy Financial Group
Mercy Hospital Catholic Health Systems
South End Floral


It opened about five years ago as a community-minded not-for-profit business
Used profits from the bookstore and cafe helping to fund the Enlightenment Literary Arts Center on the building’s second floor.
The cafe was formerly the Caz Coffee Shop and was reopened earlier this year after the space was renovated.
The removal of the cafe’s back wall has opened the space; now you can see a seating area with two large tables, a small bar with three stools and a quaint spiral staircase that has quotes printed on the steps.

They gear most of events towards children.
Book signings.
Quote From Rosanne
Rosanne L. Higgins author of Orphans and Inmates
Why did you choose Dog Ears to sell your book?
“I chose Dog Ears because they are a locally owned small business and because they support local authors. Also, because of their commitment to supporting literacy in the community. Also, because Dog Ears is in the heat of the Irish community and the book's heroine is an Irish immigrant."

Up Coming Events

7:00 PM Bedtime Stories Every Thursday

Dan Quinn Book Signing Oct. 1st, 2014 @ 6:00 PM

When did you join Dog Ears?
I joined in 2009, to volunteer for the poetry nights held once a month. Actually all participants are volunteers.
What kind of experiences have you had as a volunteer?
Oh it's great! Being able to curate the poetry series is wonderful and something I find extremely enjoyable.
How did you come to find Dog Ears
Well, I didn't know Tom before hand, but i heard that they were looking for volunteers and I needed a creative outlet. Coming to Dog Ears allowed me to come and let loose for a couple hours!
What opportunities have resulted in your participation in Dog Ears?
It's opened so many! I've published a couple of books which are sold here in the Bookstore. It's all very, very cool!
Enlightenment on Wheels
Collaboration with Meals onWheels.
Aimed at supporting and providing services to the youth.
Aided in promoting Dog Ear's Literary Art Center.
Puppy Tales
This event is one for the children!
Started on September 12th 2014
Engage children to participate in the Literary
Arts of the community.
This event received sponsors to help promote it.
Bed Time Stories
This is a special tradition of Dog Ears that is for the children in the community.
Event is hosted every Thursday of each month.
Kids come in the evenings to hear bed time stories read to them.
Financial Support for Events
Dog Ears Cafe & Book Store is a non profit
Literary Art Center.
They receive support through sponsors, grants, and Awards.
May 28, 2014 Dog Ears was awarded the James Patterson Award.
Giving Back through Events
All events hosted at Dog Ears give back to the
community and grasps the attention of young
Dog Ears supports Education. They have held
contest such as poetry contest that were open to children in schools.
Each event goes above and beyond expectations.
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