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Year 8 Geography Landscapes & Landforms Investigation

No description

Chelsea Holmes

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Year 8 Geography Landscapes & Landforms Investigation

Year 8 Geography Landscapes & Landforms Investigation
What you're investigating and presenting on...
• The human causes and effects of landscape degradation
• The ways of protecting significant landscapes

Develop geographically significant questions and plan an inquiry using appropriate geographical methodologies and concepts.
Collect, select and record relevant geographical data and information, using ethical protocols, from appropriate primary and secondary sources.
Reflect on their learning to propose individual and
Part 1: Written Report
Choose one of the Australian landscapes (or one of your own) and report on how human activity is impacting on that landscape.

Suggested landscapes for investigation...
• Mountain landscape - Alpine grazing (Vicn Alps)
• Mountain landscape/Riverine landscape - Deforestation/Logging (in QLD & TAS)
• Coastal landscape - Coastal Erosion (QLD)
• Riverine/Plains landscape - Soil erosion (AUS)
Forest Landscape / Mountain Landscape - Mining (Kimberleys/Kakadu)

The report should include:
1. An explanation about how that landscape has formed naturally over time.
2. An explanation that uses at least two types of data (such as images & graphs) that shows how that landscape has been used by humans and the impact they've had.
3. A proposal of action that can be taken to protect the landscape.
What to do...
1. Develop your questions
2. Begin Researching
3. record sources for your bibliography.
4. Plan, write, edit and publish report

Part 2 - Prezi Infographic

Students create an infographic using Prezi on Australian landscapes and the impact human activity is having on these landscapes.
This is an infographic
A prezi example

This may help: http://teachersuzy.com/prezi-create-fun-presentations-kids/
How do I make a prezi?
Your infographic
The style is up to you...perhaps you could create a flow chart or use a map of Australia as your basis.
When is it due?
Written Report - Tuesday 9th September
Infographic - Tuesday 16th September
Your teacher will check your progress in class.
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