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Plant Cell Compared to Show Choir

I am comparing a plant cell to show choir.

Grace Held

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Plant Cell Compared to Show Choir

Plant Cell Compared to
Show Choir

I am comparing an plant cell to show choir. Show choir is a group of people who sing and dance to a few songs centered around the same theme. The organelles that I am going to be using are the cell wall, the nucleus, mitochondria, cytoplasm, and chloroplast.
The nucleus is the organelle that is in charge of all of the other organelles, so I think that the director would be the nucleus.
The mitochondria are in charge of generating energy. The performers at a show choir competition are the main source of energy, so they would definitely be the mitochondria.
Cytoplasm is like the floor of a cell, or the stage for the dancers. All of the functions in a plant cell are on top of the cytoplasm, and all of the dancers dance on top of the stage.
Cell Wall
The cell wall is the supporter of the cell. It protects it from things that don't belong with the cell. I think that the family and friends of the performers are kind of like the cell wall. They support them and protect them from negative people who try to bring them down.
The chloroplast collects the energy from the sunlight to make sugar. The choreographers use everyone's energy to create dance moves that are fun and exciting, so the chloroplast and the choreographers do the same type of thing.
This is a nucleus of a plant cell
A plant cell is a cell found only in plants. It includes a nucleus, mitochondria, rhibosomes, chloroplast, a central vacuole, cytoplasm, the cell wall, a cell membrane, and vessicles.
What is a Plant Cell?
Cheering Crowd
The End!
Thanks for watching!!
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