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Sit Down Shut Up or Don't Sit By Me

No description

Andrea f

on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of Sit Down Shut Up or Don't Sit By Me

Sit Down Shut Up or Don't Sit By Me
Written By Dennis Dermody
About The Author:
Dennis Dermody
-New York film critic

- Writes for Paper Magazine
The Article
-Opinion Piece

-> Provides Recommendations

-Anecdotes based on observations

Tone: Annoyance
Entering the Theatre
-> Choosing a seat
-> A life changing decision

-> People coming in late

"I watched an elderly woman come into the dark theatre and shout "I can't see anything!". She then proceeded down the aisle grabbing people's heads and then sat down right in someone's lap, who shrieked in shock" (Dermody,1993)
Behaviours during the movie
1. People who are constantly talking

2. Non-Stop eating

3. The "Krinklers"
The Krinklers
"They forage in their bag for
the perfect and most annoying plastic wrap, which they use to make noise with sadistic relish" (Dermody,1993)
-> Leave your kids at home
-> Get there early to get a
good seat
Which behaviour irritates you
the most when at the movies?

Have you been guilty of any of the bad bahviour?
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