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Digital Repositories: Strategies & Techniques (CiL 2013)

No description

Jim DelRosso

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Digital Repositories: Strategies & Techniques (CiL 2013)

Jim DelRosso Digital Repositories:
Strategies & Techniques Digital Projects Coordinator
Hospitality, Labor, and Management Library
Cornell University discussion of issues inherent to digital repositories
brainstorming strategies and tactics
conclusion Agenda Build it! which comes first?
which is the first priority? Access and preservation with so many options, what works in your organization? Software how many people do you have working on your repository? Staffing Fill it! what can you get?
what should you use?
can you explain this to anyone? Preprints, postprints, final versions what do we need to do to get faculty involved? Faculty participation unique collections are prefect for repositories ETDs what are you putting into the repository? moar content pls Market it! Warning: Things are about to get even more interactive. Challenges! Sorry. Just kidding. There are none! how do you address copyright issues? Copyright Note: it will ALWAYS be out of date. Software this is tough work Burnout where does the money come from?
where does it go? Funding Challenges! can we all please stop reinventing the wheel? Have a reason! is it part of the library?
is it distinct? Where does your repository fit? you will need an elevator pitch Be able to sell it who do you know in the repository biz? Build a network and use it Conclusions Quick poll(s)! Who has a repository? Who is thinking of starting one? Why are you here? Questions? facebook.com/jim.delrosso
jdd10@cornell.edu Jim DelRosso Our spreadsheet:
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