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leaf village

No description

christian larkins

on 20 September 2017

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Transcript of leaf village

Leaf Village
Our clan has symbols to represent who we are. If someone enters the village without a badge, we will ask who you are and if you don't answer, we will put you in a prison cell. If you attack, we will show you NO MERCY!!!
Our clan's jewelery does not only look good, but has secret powers too. Like our secret jewel, the Flanagan, witch when put together with the Lowenthal jewel and the Higgins Pendant, grants the user the power to make anything appear, and teleport.
Our vehicles are top notch because if someone is following us, they blow up because of the light trails behind our vehicles.
Shidaki food is some of the best types of foods to exist. We serve dinosaur meat,fried frog,and fried banana.Our food is really good too. We have more food, but it is creepy and weird so if you are sure you want to see this, then say YES.
Clan Symbols
Our clothing represents or clan so that when we go on missions, there is no problem so other villages know who we are.
work cited
National Anthem
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