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My Career


Miranda Enfinger

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of My Career

Alabama-$57,860 What is Nursing? Registered Nursing Miranda Enfinger Benefits Educational Options? Associates degree in Nursing - ASN

Bachelor of Science in Nursing - BSN

Master of Science in Nursing - MSN All registered nurse program graduates take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). Obtaining licensing is required in order to legally be eligible for employment. License renewal requirements vary by state and may include continuing education courses and a backgroud check. Some classes Needed Videos Conclusion Nurses perform numerous tasks, from providing fundamental healthcare to assisting surgeons with advanced and critical procedures. Aspiring nurses can pursue several education options based on their career goals and level of care that hope to provide. Licensing Requirements for Nurses Biology of cells
Anatomy and Physiology I and II
Principles of Chemistry
College Algebra
General Statistics
Lifespan Development The profession of nursing allows the nurse to choose her own specialty. Nurses can choose to work in any of the many nursing fields available, and can also choose to become certified in a specialty of choice. Choosing a nursing career can also provide opportunities for leadership, and many times nurses find their way into management, sometimes leading as officers in large healthcare companies Even when job prospects are bleak for the rest of the community, the need for nurses never decreases, giving the career strong job security. Nurses are also paid well for their work, with most registered nurses earning well over the median income of the United States for full-time employment. Nurses also have the ability to travel if that is their desire. Travel agencies will hire experienced nurses to work in almost every area of the country, and sometimes in foreign countries. The choice of where to work is up to the nurse herself, and many traveling nurses choose to move around from assignment to assignment, allowing the agency to pay their way to explore many places they may never have seen. Job security is a featured benefit of the nursing career. Nurses will always be a necessary part of the healthcare system, and hospitals are unable to function without them. Even in times of economic uncertainty, nurses are always able to find positions in which to work. The job growth outlook for nurses is excellent with the aging population. Job security is an excellent benefit for anyone interested in a career as a nurse. TOP TEN STATES FOR HIGHEST PAID NURSES 1. California 2. Hawaii 3. Massachusetts 4. New Jersey 5. Alaska 6. Delaware 7. Oregon 8. Nevada 9. Maryland 10. Connecticut
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