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Marco Polo and Ibn Butta's Travels

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Patrick Macedo

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Marco Polo and Ibn Butta's Travels

Marco Polo and Ibn Butta's Travels

Marco Polo
Ibn Battuta
Compare and Contrast
Both travelers influenced our world greatly. Marco changed the mind sets of many Europeans about the East, and Battuta giving a closer look on the Muslim world during this time period. They truly brought the Age of Exploration.

Thank You!
Marco then decided to return to Venice
He was captured during a war between Venice and its rival city-state Genoa.
While in the Genoan jail, he shared his writings to a famed writer of romances named Rusticello.
His writings of Marco's travels influencing European attitudes towards the East
Religion: Muslim
In 1325 left Morocco for Mecca
Traveled by caravan across North Africa throughout Egypt, Palestine and Syria.
He arrived at Mecca in 1326 and attended the Hajj
After the Hajj, he did not go home
Spent a year visiting Mesopotamia and Persia.
He then traveled by ship through the Red Sea and down the East African Coast as far as Kilwa.
In 1330 he returned to Mecca and went to India to enter the judicial service of the Sultanate of Delhi
In 1342 Battuta was sent to lead a diplomatic mission to China
After some disastrous events, he arrived at China by himself.
A year later he returned to Mecca.
Battuta spent nearly 30 years on the road
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Religion: Christian
Came from the northern Italian city-state Venice to China when he was 17 years old
He accompanied his father and uncle when they returned to /China, finishing a mission for the Mongol conqueror Kublai Khan
They lived in Khans lands and served the Emperor for 17 years.
During this time, Polo encountered his first natural wonder in Baku, southwest of the Caspian Sea, Petroleum.
He also encountered what he called the "drying wind" or desert.
He was sent by Khan on two long inspection tours.
The first was through the modern provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan into Burma
Second at the site of modern Beijing.
Both wrote down experiences and travels in journals.
Traveled more westward
Began travels at young age.
Visited China
Different time periods.
Battuta visited far more countries than Polo did, approximately 40.
Marco accepted different religions, and even learned different languages to communicate with different individuals.
Batutta only gives information on mostly Muslim states, and was a lover of religious truth
Map of routes taken by both travelers
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