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Hip Hop's: Dramatic Change in Society

How music has changed over time!

Andrew Saunders

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Hip Hop's: Dramatic Change in Society

The early 80's Hip Hop's biggest icon Dwayne "Lil Wayne" Carter
has influenced majority of his fans, to either follow and
or if not done so do what he is doing. Run D.M.C. early legends of real Hip Hop. Kids who idol Lil Wayne and his group "Young Money"
Karrine Steffans kicked off the "video vixen" screptancy with her first book explaining everything she did to get where she is now. Also Amber Rose ex girl friend of Kanye West started of as a video vixen to get to meet celebraties. In September of 2000 Jay-Z produced a song called "Big Pimpin" and that's mainly when Video Vixens became a notice THEN NOW When Run D.M.C produce a song in early 89' called
"Who's House" The orginal Hip Hop when music was about the beauty of life
were rappers and rock stars such as "Aerosmith" could work together.
And produce songs to inspire kids to follow their dreams not drugs. Educated Rappers Uneducated Rappers
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