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Untitled Prezi

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Kazi Mohammed Erfan

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

10th batch! Picture not available .... Introducing CEE department Introducing CEE department. Here comes the boom boom bloody civilians. Opps sorry!! Not this one... :D Environmental Engineering and Pollution Control (EEPC) was renamed as Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) in June 2001. The journey starts from 1995 as EEPC. After passing these many years (18+), the department has achieved so much reputation. Let's see the 18 batches of the dept. Holy Shit!! Such an idiot. Okay audience let's see the pics. 1st batch 2nd batch 3rd batch 4th batch 5th batch 6th batch 7th batch 8th batch 9th batch 11th batch 12th batch 13th batch 14th batch 15th batch 16th batch 17th batch Now the most junior and dearest 18th batch Okay !! Now let's see what we have done!! Oppa gangnam style :D Celebration of "Pahela baishakh" Tea break Okay !! Just ignore it !! Pahela baishakh 1417 Pahela baishakh Nothing to say .. :P Picnic 2013 Orientation Our mam .. :) T-shirt launch 16th batch We do everything except study ... :D Prepared by
Kazi Mohammed Erfan (3/1) Assisted by
Irtiza Hasan Tarafder (3/1)
Sheikh Md. Prince (3/1) Thanks to all 18th batch 15th batch 16th batch
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