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Forming & Supporting Campus Clubs

No description

Kim Heyne

on 5 July 2014

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Transcript of Forming & Supporting Campus Clubs

What is a Campus Lions Club?
A campus club operates like a traditional Lions club, but is located located on a college or university campus.
Comprised mostly of students
Can also include University faculty, staff and community members
Forming and Supporting Campus Clubs
Campus Club Statistics
There are currently
Campus Lions clubs with over
members around the word.
These numbers have been on the rise since the first campus club was chartered 1999.
Campus Club Projects
Many campus clubs focus on projects related to the environment, education, health and poverty. The possibilities are endless.
Volunteering at a food bank
Distributing shoes
to children
Benefit to Lions
Benefits to Students
Get younger members involved in service
More service
New and fresh ideas
New ways of doing things
Re-energize your district
Networking and resume building
Leadership training
Strengthen business and management skills
Opportunities to volunteer
Membership in the world's largest service club organization
Banner Patch and Pin
How to Charter a Campus Club
Choose your guiding Lions
Approach the school
Find a find core group of students
Promote the informational meeting
Host the informational meeting
Send charter paperwork to LCI
Have the first meeting!
LCI Support

You can order FREE campus club materials by:
Visiting the
Membership Booth
Contacting the Membership Operations Department at:
(630) 203-3831
New Club Development
Workshop Program
Have a consultant come to your district
Apply on the LCI website
North America
Latin America
New Zealand
Planting Trees
Cleaning up Graffiti
How to Support a Campus Club
Appoint a district campus club GMT specialist
Have a joint project between the sponsoring club and the campus club
Involve a campus club member on the district convention committee
Student Member
No entrance or charter fee
Pay half international dues US$21.50
Student member certification form needs to be sent with charter paperwork for each student

Quick Tips!
Choose a Guiding Lion that relates to students
Embrace new innovative ideas on club operations
Be flexible and appreciate student time schedules
Promote campus club members as Lions the rights and responsibilities of a Lion

Athens Campus Lions Club
At the University of Georgia
Presented By :Erik Krumins
Adopting a highway
Why Do We Need Campus Clubs?
Presented By:
Paul Baker
Queens Campus Lions Club
At Queens University
Presented By: Hilary Hung
Tallahassee Campus Lions Club
At Florida State University
Presented By: Neil Spencer
For questions, contact:
Membership and New Club Programs Department
(630) 203-3846

To order materials, contact:
Membership and New Club Operations Department
(630) 203-3831
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