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Nothing But The Truth

No description

Samantha Giovannini

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Nothing But The Truth

Nothing But The Truth
Ms. Narwin
Ms. Narwin- English teacher, from England, has sister named Anita whom she frequently writes to, kind of old fashioned.
Nothing But The Truth
The theme of the story is sticking up for your rights and how fast stories can spread.
Ted Griffon
-Running for school board
-neighbor of Philip Malloy
-Tells everyone about Philip's suspension
Notice & Note
-Phillip keeps saying it's the teacher's fault and not his own (again&again)
-Why won't Phillip tell his dad the truth about his grades interfering with track? (tough questions)
-Mr.Malloy (Phillip's dad) is trying convince Phillip to do track because he knows that Phillip really enjoys it
-Why do people call Ms.Narwin Peg when her real name is Margaret and has nothing to do with the name Peg? (Again & Again)
-Parents tel him to stick up for himself (Words of the Wiser)
Phillip Malloy
with connections
By: Avi
Presentation by: Samantha Giovannini
Philip Malloy-
9th grade, 14 years old, goes to Harrison High, track star.
Mr. & Mrs. Malloy
Mr. Malloy- Used to do track, Philip's dad, encourages Philip to do it aswell, married to Mrs. Malloy,
Thanks for watching! :)
Mrs. Malloy- Philip's mom, married to Mr. Malloy, tells Philip to stick up for rights
Vice Principal Dr. Palleni
Vice Principal of Harrison High, Very strict on rules, suspends Philip for 2 days
Coach Jamison
Coach Jamison is the track coach at Harrison High. He tries encouraging Philip to fix his english grades so he can join but instead of trying to work it out he just blames Narwin. Now the track team is missing out not having him on the team.
I believe that this was a really good book and took its story to places a book has never been
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