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Denis Nilsen Prezi

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Dan Ahern

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Denis Nilsen Prezi

Dennis Nilsen The Muswell Hill Murderer November 23, 1945 - Present Early Life - Father was an alcoholic

- Parents divorced when Nilsen was four and Nilsen, along with his mother and siblings, went to live with his grandfather - His mother remarried and had four more children - Dennis told the jury that it was the traumatic experience of his grandfather's unexpected death that drove him - Born on November 23, 1945 in Fraserburgh, Scotland Adulthood and Army Service After dropping out of high school Nilsen enlisted in the army as a cook for the troops. After being discharged from the army Nilsen joined the Metropolitan police but eight months later he resigned. The cutlery skills he learned in the military would eventual be used again to dismember his victims. The Killings Between 1978 and 1983, Nilsen is said to have killed 15 men and boys. The majority of his victims were homeless men or homosexuals who he would meet in bars and lure into his home with the promise of food and shelter. During the night he would kill the men usually by drowning and/or strangling them. First Conviction: During Nilsen's first time as a recruitment interviewer, David Painter claimed Nilsen took pictures of him in his sleep. After killing his victims Dennis would often keep the dead bodies in his house for weeks at a time before dissecting and disposing of them. Arrest Suspicions first came about when a block in Nilsen's drain developed and the owner of the building hired a plumber to snake out the drain. After snaking the drain the the plumbers found the drain was blocked by a flesh-like material. The plumbers called the police immediately and upon further inspection the flesh was determined to be human. After searching Nilsen's apartment the police found human remains and limbs in wardrobes, cupboards and under the floorboards Nilsen was immediately arrested and put on trial. Trial Disposal: Nilsen would dismember the bodies on his kitchen floor, then boil the heads, hands, and feet, bury the limbs in his garden, and burn the torsos in a bonfire. After he moved into an apartment, however, he was unable to bring the bodies outside to get rid of them, so he would still boil the heads, hands, and feet, and then dissecting the bodies into small pieces that could be flushed down the toilet. Upon arrest Nilsen gave the police extensive details on his killings and crimes and even led police to his old address where he killed numerous victims. Nilsen was charged with six counts of murder and two charges of attempted murder. He pleaded not guilty to all charges, and blamed the killings on mental defect. The Victims Stephen Holmes

Kenneth Ockenden

Martyn Duffey

Billy Sutherland

Malcolm Barlow

John Howlett

Graham Allan

Steven Sinclair

7 Unidentified Evidence: the trial relied mainly on Nilsen's extensive notes and testimonies as well as the testimony of the three victims, Paul Nobbs, Douglas Stewart, and Carl Stotter, who had managed to escape, all of whom he had attempted to strangle. Physical evidence included photographs of the murder scenes, as well as the chopping board used to dissect the victims, and the cooking pot used to boil the skulls, feet and hands 14 year old Stephen Holmes Sentence Nilsen's minimum term was set at 25 years by the trial judge. It was later raised to a whole life tariff, which meant he would never be released. In 2006 he was denied any further requests for parole. Interview 1993 Interview with Dennis Nilsen shown on the Carlton TV program, Murder In Mind
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