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Fullmetal Alchemist

No description

Sandra Reed

on 13 December 2011

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Transcript of Fullmetal Alchemist

Characters Edward Elric Whinry Rockbell Alhphose Elric 1st. leutenant Riza Hawkeye Van Hohenheim Dante / Lyra Envy Fuhrer King Bradley Colonol Roy Mustang the humuculi a Humunculus, is an artificially created human by elegal transmutation.also known as a "taboo" among alchemists there are seven Humunculi that this story consists of: they call them selves the seven deadly sins: Gluttony Wrath Greed Sloth and Lust Pride Father Dante Envy Alchemy alchemy is a fictional art usuing something called a transmutation circle alchemy when used the right way can make gold from lead and other delirious things. Edward, and his year younger brother alphonse used to live a happy life when they were 5. but ever sense their mother died, and their father left the family for some odd reason, the two brothers decided to recreate their mother using alchemy. but sadly it had the risk of taking away alphonse's body and taking away Edwards left leg. w Edward had the loving favor of keeping his beloved brother alive by transmuting his brothers soul in a suit of armor. which had the cost of his entire right arm. a murderer that the military had been searching for, had been killing military officers. Fullmetal Alchemist Liore has a big role to play in this. it was a city made entirely from alchemy by a fake priest named Cornello who ran a fake religion the city was in the middle of the desert, and was favored by alchemists who wanted to make a philosopher's stone two things! a state alchemist is what is also known as a human weapon. the philosophers stone is a red stone that is known to do many numerous things partaining to alchemy. state alchemists the state alchemist watch is proof of a state alchemist a list of state alchemists colonel Roy Mustang (flame alchemist)
major Alex louis armstrong (strong armed alchemist)
Edward elric (fullmetal alchemist)
Zolf Kimbley (crimson alchemist)
Shou Tucker (sewing life alchemist)
Tim Marcoh (crystal alchemist)

people who are not a state alchemist but still in the military Leutenent Risa Hawkeye
Sargent Denny Brosh
sargent master Fury
First leutenent Maria Ross
Second leutenent Jean Havic
sargent Falman
Genaral Olivia "Oliver" Armstrong A list of alchemists who are not in the military Izumi Curtis
the second elric brothers (Russel and Fletcher)
Father cornelo (whether he likes it or not)
Alphonse elric
Van Hohenheim Elric The philosophers stone This red stone is the key to defy all laws of alchemy.

Some common names for it are, "the red elixir", "the absolute power", and so on. Edward and Alphonse at first planned to find it and restore themselves, but they were unaware of what it could do, and how to find it! At one point Alphonse himself was the Philosophers stone created by Scar, who used the whole city of Liore. Why? because the Philosophers stone uses living human lives in order to create a complete, and successfull stone. this goes along with alchemy's first law One cannot gain any thing without first giving somthing in return. to obtain, something of equal value must be lost. "This is alchemy's first law of Equivelant exchange. in those days we really believed that to be the worlds one, and only truth." - Alphonse Elric thats why For those of you who have not seen it I'm not going any farther beyond this point!

read it yourself to find out! Thank you!
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