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Sara Saray Arce

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of ANCIENT GREEKS

Ancient Greeks
Ancient Greece is called 'the birthplace of Western civilization'. About 2500 years ago, the Greeks created a way of life that other people admired and copied. The Romans copied Greek art and Greek gods, for example.
Also they created The Olympic Games and they left new ideas for science, art and philosophy.
The Ancient Greeks lived in mainland Greece and the Greek islands, but also in what is now Turkey. There were Greeks in Italy, Sicily, North Africa and as far west as France. Greeks took their way of life to many places.

Gods and Heroes
The Greeks believed that gods and goddesses watched over them. The gods were like humans, but immortal.
Zeus was king of the gods. He threw rays to punish anyone who disobeyed him. His brother Poseidon was god of the sea. Another brother, Pluto (also called Hades), ruled the hell.
What was the Trojan War?
The Trojans lived in the city of Troy, in what is now Turkey. The Trojan War started in 700s BC, these war was between two countries, Troy (from Turkey) and the Greeks. The war lasted for 10 years, until one day, Ulysses, had a great idea that received from the goddess Atenea. The idea consisted of: They made a wooden horse and the Trojans could think that was a gift from them, but then, the Greeks hid inside it and when all were sleeping the would kill them, and with that idea they won the war.

Olympic Games
Most Greek houses were small, with a garden or yard in the middle. the houses were made up of pays, sweep, wood.
The house had , small windows, with no glass, but there were made by a special wood that don´t keep the cold air enter . Rich Greeks had slaves sometimes 50 slaves worked for a rich family. Slaves did the hard work like on the farm, in the fields

Married women stayed at home much of the time. At home, Greek women spent much of their time spinning thread and weaving cloth. They looked after the children and prepared food and other things in her houses .The women didn´t have very much right in these times.
Rich women went out only with a slave, perhaps to visit women friends.

Greeks women wore a long tunic, called a chitin, made of a piece of cotton, It reached the ankles. Over it, she wore a cloak, called a himation this was thin for summer, thick for winter, and draped from the shoulders. Young men wore short tunics, older men long ones. Slaves often wore just a strip of cloth .Many people went barefoot or wore sandals . Women wore hats.
The Parthenon
The poor people didn´t eat a lot of meat only people rich eat a lot meat.
They normally have fruit for breakfast for lunch
bread with cheese or some shortcake dough and to dinner a type of soup .

Trojan Wooden Horse
The ancient greeks didn't have baths in her houses and they need to go to a public baths to have a shower .
Rich people have baths in her houses and they had baths whit milk.
The Greeks put the statues of the gods in the temples. Some temples were quite small, some very large and beautiful, with stunning decorations.
The most famous temple is the Parthenon in Greece (which can still be seen today) in Athens.
Hercules was the strongest and bravest hero.
Gorgon Medusa wing killed, people whose gaze turned to stone.
Trojan War
Greece Shower
Going to school
Marriage & Work
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