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Stuffed By: Eric Walters

No description

kennie pridham

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Stuffed By: Eric Walters

Stuffed By: Eric Walters
2.Rising Action
So Ian sends out an email to 40 people explaining how Frankie's is bad for them, so on Friday the 13nth their going to have a Frankie's Free Friday. At the end of the email it says to send the email to another 40 people.
Ian tells his parents that he was going to get sued if he didnt send another email saying how he was wrong about what he said. But instead of sending an email Ian sent Mr.Evans{the owner of Frankie's} and himself to court with his parents which are lawyers{so is Mr.Evans} to settle the problem.
5.Falling Action
Instead of going to court they went to Ian's school to have a vote. The whole school went into the gym to begin the vote. The law teacher in the school told them their options, they either had to stand up for Ian and support the Frankie's Free Friday or stay seated and go against the Frankie's Free Friday with Mr.Evans.
The school has chosen... to support the Frankie's Free Friday! This move makes Frankie's lose about 40% of their business. Somehow Ian feels happy that he won the vote but also sad because he just wanted to prove a point. But in the end everything turns out just fine.
The main character of this story is a boy named Ian and the setting takes place in a middle school. Ian wants to let his school know that Frankie's {fast food restaurant}is bad for them...
3.Rising Action
The email that Ian had sent out made it to a worker at Frankie's who showed the email to the owner of Frankie's and threatened to drop a law suit on him. Ian took it from their.
The theme of my book is determination. Ian was very determined because he had to let everyone know that Frankie's was very bad for them. That means that he was determined to prove a point.

The mood of my book would be exciting because you never know what is coming next. For example when Ian sent out the email to 40 people, you start to think whats going to happen from there.
The main character in my book is Ian and Mr.Evans. I chose to talk about them because they were the main part of the book. Mr.Evans was the owner of Frankie's who threatened to drop a law suit on Ian, and ian was the one who started the boycott against Frankie's.
My book as a couple of settings but the main one would be at the school. I chose the school because that was where the big decision was made with the kids deciding on agreeing with Ian and the Frankie's Free Friday.
The End
The conflict of my book is when Mr.Evans threatens to drop a law suit on Ian for sending an email saying how frankie's was bad for them.
The solution was when the school decided on agreeing with Ian and Frankie's Free Friday.
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