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Multimodal Poetry

No description

Stephanie McMahon

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Multimodal Poetry

Target Classroom
10th Grade English

Poetry Unit

Final Assessment/Project

Technology Workshops Provided
Part Two
Multimodal presentation

Edited in iMovie

Saved as mp4
Must Include:
Dramatized voice recording of assigned poem
Overlay of text (subtitles)
May Include:

Personal Artwork

Background music
Grading System
Clear, concise thesis (5 pts.)
Interpretation of poem (4 pts.)
Support of thesis/Analysis (5 pts.)
Clear organization (3 pts.)
Grammar and conventions (3 pts.)
Part One
2-3 page close read essay

Each student will sign-up for a poem (2-3 students per poem)
Multimodal Poetry: Final Project
Dramatized voice recording (5 pts.)
Pictures/Images/Graphics (5 pts.)
Subtitles (3 pts.)
Neatness (4 pts.)
Conventions/Citations (3 pts.)
Timing and Sequence (5 pts.)
Learning Objectives
Students will assess (Evaluate) the meaning of greater themes by studying symbolism, motif, and imagery in poetry.
Students will consider (Self-Knowledge) their own worldview and point of view by evaluating poetry.
Students will be able to interpret (Apply) literary techniques in poetry by studying examples that exist in the unit's poems.
Learning Objectives

Students will weigh (Evaluate) and compare the styles of others by peer-editing and viewing each others' work
Students will categorize (Analyze) different type of poetry into their genres by reading poetry and studying poetic styles
Students will be able to interpret (Apply) literary techniques in poetry by studying examples that exist in the unit's poems.
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