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Immigrants/refuges education

No description

Marissa Avalos

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Immigrants/refuges education

Their Struggles to get a Good Education. Immigrants and Refugees Problem Solutions In our community... Statistics Statistics are not the only way to figure out if programs really work or do not work. One of the ways that helped understand if MENA and ESL worked was by giving out surveys to people that would like to answer some questions anonymously. Survey Poverty MENA In October 2011 school district student population listed 14 first languages other than English.
Approximately 35% of school districts 3,000 students are affiliated with English as their second language (ESL program).
Morgan Community College averages 350 ESL adult students every year.
MCC's adult basic Education, GED and ESL students represent 17 first languages.
The main languages spoken by these refugee groups are Amharic, Arabic, Kiswahili, Somali, and Tigrinya.
"16 percent of all students in pre-kinder were children of immigrants but only 2 percent were foreign-born"
"(1970-2000) children of immigrants increased from 6 percent to 19 percent of all school-age children."
15.2 millions were refugees (end of 2011) (local, statewide, or national) ESL One Morgan County. What is MENA? Migrant Education Newcomers Academy What is ESL? English as a Second Language:
- ESL is a program that is always used to describe a course in English language instruction. What is One Morgan County? "One Morgan County is a nonprofit organization based in Fort Morgan, Colorado. OMC focuses on immigrant interaction and offers a structured approach to embracing immigration trends with a can-do spirit-- immigrants and receiving community members can and do have a shared common ground and commitment to a thriving community."- One Morgan County Annual Report Demographics in Fort Morgan Population in Fort Morgan: 16504 Hispanic or Latino Population: 40% Refugees Population (estimation): 600-900 Are immigrants/refugees getting the help they need from our community to succeed in an American educational system? What does OMC do? Introduce new approaches to integration
Encourages a new philosophy
Offers tangible opportunities to enact new methods and new attitudes
Cultural connections
Orientation Workshops
international Music Fest One Morgan county Mission OMC facilitated, educates, unites and, collaborates with diverse people and organizations to appreciate the mosaic of our community and strengthen the inclusive nature of our community. " Our two Migrant Education/Graduation Advocates have been working to assist the students, families and schools in providing supplemental services for these students. However, it is the belief of the school district, building administration, and teachers that we must provide increasingly targeted and individualized supplemental services to better prepare our “Migrant Newcomers” for educational success. Many of the identified students have experienced no formal education, limited formal education, or large time gaps in formal education thus hindering their ability to be successful in the public education system."
-MENA website What does MENA do for newcomer? - Students whose first language is something other than English are referred to as "English Language Learners" and are often designated as ESL in order to receive accommodations and support with their language acquisition goals. Taking surveys around the school and in classes that had immigrants and young adults answering these questions showed how it is for them to settle, get a job, or even help with education in Morgan Community. "Some Somalians drop out to work and help the family with payments or other family problems."-Liston "Some families receive benefits from the government." - John Works Cited
“City-data.”city-data. Onboard Informatics, n.d., Web. 17 Dec. 2012 Results from our Survey Pie Chart one shows where people have immigrated from and also where you see most people leaving their country and immigrating to the United States. Pie Chart two shows the age that they immigrated to the United States and the most common age of people bringing their kids to America. Pie Chart three is where the reason that people have immigrated to America and it seems like people are moving away because of war, jobs, and a better life. Pie Chart four is showing if they attended school before immigrating to the USA. Pie Chart five shows that their parents did not reach the highest level of education possible. Pie Chart six is showing how difficult it is to transition to the American educational system. Pie Chart seven is showing all of the difficulties that they have to go through once they have immigrated to the USA Pie Chart eight shows how easy it is to get so that they can attend the MENA program Pie Chart nine also shows how easy they said MENA was to use and also how much it has helped them with learning. Pie Chart ten shows the number of hours they go to MENA a day. Pie Chart eleven is showing that they do study out side of MENA and school so that they can keep up with their studys.
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Rangel, Mark. " Migrant Education Newcomer Academy Fort Morgan, CO.." markrangel. www.wordpress.com, 4 2012. Web. Web. 17 Dec. 2012. < http://markrangel.wordpress.com/2011/11/04/migrant-education-newcomer-academy-fort-morgan-co/>.
Song: Josh Groban - Brave
Schiffman, Mimi, “A Young Immigrant Struggles for a College Education.” For graduating high school seniors, the months that stretch out between the end of spring and those first signs of fall can be magical. LENS. 25 September 2012. 19 December 2012 Camarota, Steven. poverty and near poverty in the united states “Poverty and Income.” cis. poverty and near poverty in the united states. Web. 17 May 2012.
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Zion, Brenda. One Morgan County Avalos, Marissa. 13 December 2012. Personal interview.
A Young Immigrant Struggles for a College Educationhttp://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/09/25/an-undocumented-youths-struggle-for-higher-education/ Websites videos/pictures Interviews Video http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/09/25/an-undocumented-youths-struggle-for-higher-education/ Inspirational video
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