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Grade 1 Lesson Plan on Resepct

No description

Kaela Baudu

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Grade 1 Lesson Plan on Resepct

What does RESPECT look like? RESPECT IN OUR CLASSROOM Do we understand what
Respect is? We will learn this through a short story,
an activity, a video collaboration, and a class
discussion. Content -We will communicate what respect
looks like, sounds likes, and
feels like.
-We will identify a range of disrespectful
behaviors and recognize the physical and
emotional impacts of those behaviors on others. Outcomes Health Outcome: USC1.1: Examine healthy behaviors and opportunities and begin to determine how these behaviors and opportunities may affect personal well-being.Outcome: USC1.3: Analyze, with support, feelings and behaviors that are important for nurturing healthy relationships at school. Art Outcome: CP1.8: Create art works that express own ideas and explore different forms (e.g., painting, drawing, printmaking) and media (paint, found objects).Outcome: CR1.1: Demonstrate understanding that the arts are a way of expressing ideas. English Language Arts Outcomes: CR1.1: Comprehend and respond to a variety of grade-level texts (including contemporary and traditional visual, oral, written, and multimedia) that address: identity (e.g., All About Me) community (e.g., Friends and Family) social responsibility (e.g., Conservation) and relate to own feelings, ideas, and experiences. Read Aloud Bird Child, by Nan Forler What does Respect mean? What are disrespectful behaviors? These behaviors can affect us emotionally and physically. What can we now do to be more respectful? Let's showcase our new understanding of what Respect looks like... Student Video Physical Disrespectful
Behaviors Hair pulling, biting, hitting, kicking, pushing, locking in a room or locker, any physical attack stealing, damaging someone’s stuff, attacking people, carrying weapons. Emotional and Verbal Disrespectful Behaviors Name-calling, teasing, abusive language, sexual remarks or jokes, threats, abusive telephone calls, rumors, racial Slurs, rudeness, bossing people around, gossip, insults, lying, manipulating relationships, ruining friendships, rude gestures and faces, excluding, ignoring, isolating, malicious notes or emails, intimidation, making people feel helpless, making people feel inferior, embarrassing people, frightening people, rumors, gossip, humiliating people, extortion. Where can disrespectful behaviors occur?
Play ground
Cyberspaces (internet, Facebook, text messages, emails, chat rooms, ect.)
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