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Tom Baker

Where was he born

Giulio Mercadante

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Tom Baker

Tom Baker played the 4th doctor in the "Doctor Who*" series. This is what he most famous for doing. Tom Baker's very long scarf was his trade mark whilst filming Doctor Who. His most terrifying weapon was a bag of Jelly Babies, in the late 1970s that was the best special effects possible and the viewers loved it.

* Doctor Who is a TV series where the 'Doctor' saves the world from evil. It is one of the longest running TV shows yet.
Thomas Stewart 'Tom' Baker was born in 1968, on Scotland Road Liverpool, England. Baker left school at 15 and trained to become a Roman Catholic Monk. His then went on - after loosing faith- to do acting firstly as a hobby but then in the end of the 1960's he made acing a professional career.

Post- Doctor Who
After playing Doctor Who he went on to be the 1982s Sherlock Holmes in the US of A. He also participated in the 1990 adaption of C.S Lewis' The Silver Chair and in 2004 he was in the series of Strange, within this he featured as a blind priest who possessed knowledge of the devil.
Our Personal
First of all Davros is crazy
and secondly Tom Baker
came a long way since a
child and became one of
the legends in time, inspiring a whole nation of people. Especially as at
first he thought he was going to be a monk!
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