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When Charlie McButton Lost Power

Click your way through whole group reading!

Luke Bergeson

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of When Charlie McButton Lost Power

Let's Talk About It! Turn to pg. 20-21. What is the girl learning to do? Sometimes we learn new things best when
we have a teacher. What reaction does the boy have
to going fishing? Learning new things can be fun! What new thing is the boy on the far right trying? Learning new things can be hard at first,
but with practice we can get better. Phonics Read these words. cape ride You studied words like these already.
Today you learn to spell and read
two-syllable words with short vowels. Read this word after me. happen The short "a" sound /a/ is spelled "a". magnet Vowels have the short vowel sound
when they are followed by two consonants. Words that have two consonants between two vowels are divided into syllables between the two consonants. Write these words and divide them between the consonants.
Blend the word to read it. basket
signal ridden
index gossip
tunnel Turn to pg. 22. Where would you divide each of these words? Comprehension Skill Literary Elements A character is a person or animal in the story. The setting is when and where a story takes place. The theme is what you learn from the story. Vocabulary bat a small animal battery connected electrical cells
that produce a direct current blew formed something by
expelling air plug a connection at the end of a corded
electrical device that is put into the
wall to carry electricity. fuel a source of energy that has
been stored for later use term a length of time vision the ability to come up with new ideas DAY 1 DAY 2 Content Knowledge Read the following sentences. The animals gathered back at the barn. They made
Gallagher a plentiful feast. It was a salad that included every color of the rainbow. What does "a plentiful feast" mean? How would you describe a plentiful feast to someone? What does the author mean by "a salad that
included every color of the rainbow"? Amazing Words Look on pg. 20-21.
What kind of physical activity
are the boy and girl doing? What is one of your favorite
physical activities? Finish this sentence.
My favorite physical activity is ____ because_____. Phonics muffin contest system insect magnet insist falcon selfish Echo read this words. Now read them quickly. Read and write each sentence.
Underline the words with the vc/cv pattern. We fried fish in the silver skillet. Mom put the picnic lunch in the basket. The scientist found a fossil in the tunnel. Read the following words. problem skate sapling gotten life crate signal cope seldom napkin truce slope Homonyms Read "The Inventor" on pg. 27. Homonyms are words that are spelled and
sound alike but have different meanings. I know bat has more than one meaning. a club used to hit a ball a flying mammal To determine the correct meaning,
I can read the sentences aroung the word. Find "bat" in the passage on pg. 27.
Determine which meaning is correct. Day 3 Content Knowledge Echo read the following sentences. Now, dolls didn't talk on their own as a rule.
They needed a power source, some kind of fuel. What are some meanings for the word power? What is the meaning of the word power in this situation? What are some clues that help you
determine the meaning here? What does the word fuel mean? a source of energy that has been
stored for later use Rewrite these sentences in your own words. Amazing Words Read the following word. Yesterday, we read about things that
Charlie finds appetizing but isn't able to do. Appetizing means appealing or pleasing. We usually think of food as appetizing,
but other things can be pleasing too. What is one thing that Charlie finds appetizing? Phonics Change the "p" in puffin to "m". What's your new word? muffin Write this word. gotten Change the "g" to an "r".
Write your new word. Change the "o" in your new word to an "i".
Change the double "t" to double "d". Change the "r" to an "h". Write the word "public" and divide
the syllables at the appropriate place. Read these words. plastic bottom discuss extend common combat Write the words and divide the
syllables correctly. Keep up the good work 3rd grade!
You're getting lots of compliments
from your old teachers.
Remember to strive for excellence and
become more successful every day. When Charlie McButton Lost Power Luke Bergeson
Huntsville, AL
lukebergeson@gmail.com www.mrbergeson.wordpress.com http://quizlet.com/_7wevc Click Me : ) Day 4 Content Knowledge Read the last 5 lines of pg. 42. Remember, the lights are out and Charlie and his sister have just used blankets to make a fort.
Given that, what does gloom mean? darkness What does spells mean in this part of the poem? words with magical powers What's another meaning for the word spells? Amazing Words Read and write this word. grit We read how Charlie showed grit
by making the most of his day. How did he show grit? To have grit is to be determined to do something even though its hard. Why might children need to have grit? Which of these sentences demonstrates grit? A girl shares her idea even though she is afraid she will be laughed at. A boy gives up on baseball because he didn't get the position he wanted. Phonics Read the following words. nickname


wrote misplace


spoke dislike


invite scene


beside Write the following words. Circle all of the words that have a long "a" sound. Underline the words with the long "e" sound. Draw a box around the words with a long "i" sound. Draw an "x" on the words with a long "o" sound. Draw two lines under the words with a long "u" sound. *Teachers, complete the GUIDE PRACTICE from teacher's edition. Fluent Word Reading Read each word on the list. mixture



station kindness



caution finally



youngest been



future picture



witness Amazing Words I am going to read a story to you called ""Ghallager's Picnic." The story is about a goat
who tries good food and likes it. Listen for this week's AMAZING WORDS. cringed reject plentiful reaction Rafferty Rabbit cringed when he saw Ghallager eat awful food. What does cringed mean? When you cringe you shrink back with fear,
disgust, or disapproval. How would a person look if he or she cringed? Let's read Decodable Reader 1A Practice Workbook Reading and Writing Workbook Reading and Writing Practice Workbook
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