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How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife

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Sabrina Kaye Jumayao

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife

How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife
The author associates the setting to the place where he spent much of his childhood in the province, He brings to life the language that appeals to the surrounding of a particular place and time and uses the sights and sounds of a particular
people. His bond with his birthplace, forged by his dealings with the peasant folk of Ilocos, remained strong
even after he moved to Manila where he studied.

Point of View
Baldo narrates the story based on what he has observed.
Though the test is difficult for Maria, she was able to persevere because of her love for Leon.
The story presents how Leon brought his wife to his hometown, Nagrebcan. Baldo the younger brother of Leon was astonished by the beauty of Maria. She was such an attractive woman that even Baldo wants to have a wife like Maria. But, Leon's father was reluctant to accept Maria as her daugther-in-law since she was from the city and it was his first time to meet her.
Group Analysis and Synthesis
The motif tells us that Maria's beauty cathches the attention of Baldo and Ca Celin just like the fragrance of a morning when papayas are in bloom that also catches the attention of anyone. Baldo also wanted to marry a woman like Maria.
Baldo is an obedient, naive and observant young boy.
Leon has a strong personality because he is not afraid to present Maria to his father as her wife. He was very proud of Maria as her wife.
Maria is a beautiful, determined and a loving wife. She truly loves Leon because she fight for what she believe is right,
Labang –the bull whom Baldo considers as his “pet", was also attracted to Maria.
The father of Leon and Baldo has a deep personality. He was a responsibly father because he use his righteous way as a head of the family. It only means that the father has the authority. He don't want Leon to go the wrong way. So, he test Maria’s characteristic, her attitude, her looks, how she talks and the way she handle the situation.
Rocky road - trials and struggles
Wearing high heels and skirt - ultra feminine nature of the character and her class in the society.
Sky Sown With Stars (song) - Leon's connection to his roots.
Horse-drawn calesa VS. Bull - the gap between the social status and class of Leon and Maria.
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