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Inspiring the transition to a solar-powered planet.

Cliff Stevens

on 7 April 2010

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Transcript of Rah-Rah

Insatiable Energy Needs Climate Crisis Inaction What are
The Problems
We're Solving? What are
The Trends
We're Riding? energy technology advancements Social Connectedness and gaming dispersion of energy production industry standardization piezoelectricity wind solar fuel cell what would
we like
to do? Organize group of industry experts to forge a set of recognized certifiable industry standards
Create licenseable Rah-Rah logo for product certification and recognition
Open specifications for energy data collection, transmission and validation
Open specifications for electrical energy measurement, storage and transmission Develop Rah-Rah web portal
Aggregates, publishes and provides flexible reporting of trickeled-up, anonymized statistics on individual/groups' clean energy production data
Publishes "Leader Boards" and customizable maps to see who is producing the most clean energy
Provides easily searchable database of clean energy production consumer product information Create an online energy "carbon credit" currency exchange
Individuals can sell "carbon credit" units for energy they produce
Utilities and other large industrial energy consumers can purchase "carbon credit" units Develop Rah-Rah social game
Players can compete globally with other online players and earn Rah-Rah points for "carbon credit" units produced
Rah-Rah points and activities updates would be published to players social networking news feeds
Players could organize teams/groups to compete against each other
Players could easily embed widgets elsewhere that promote their Rah-Rah competitition results Bottom Line - Rah-Rah will leverage industry standardization, exponential advancements in technology and social gaming to inspire a rapid transition to a solar-powered clean-energy planet. Wanna help? Email cliff@cliffordrstevens.net - Subject: Rah-Rah.org
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