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Character Traits Tree

Identifying Character's Traits

Nicole Brown

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Character Traits Tree

Making Inferences About Character's Traits Making an inference is an educated
guess based on your knowledge and evidence in the text. What the character says What other characters and the author say about the character " I hate washing dishes, and they are piling
up in the sink. Maybe I'll try to wash them tomorrow." What can we infer about this character? What the character does "James walked up to the new kid in class and slapped the books out of his hands." What can we infer about James? CLUE #1 CLUE #2 The night before the Science test, Delmy couldn't sleep. She laid in bed biting her nails. She tossed and turned until she finally fell asleep at 2 a.m. What can we infer about Delmy? CLUE #3 Caring Anxious Lazy Frustrated Respectful Shy Neat Prepared Marcus had been trying to solve the same math problem for almost an hour. He kept writing and rewriting the problem over and over again. When he kept getting the wrong answer, he put his hands on his head, leaned back in his chair and said, “I quit! I will never get it right!” Then he tore up the paper and threw it away. Now You Try It Jasmine loved being around her baby cousin. She always made sure that he had all of the toys and snacks that he needed. She played with him and made sure that he was happy. As soon as her cousin started to cry, Jasmine would stop whatever she was doing and get whatever he needed. She always wanted him to be happy. How do you know? My Mind The Text

My Inference About Marcus How do you know? My Mind The Text

My Inference About Jasmine How do you know?
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