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No description

Justin Trinh

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Firefighter

Fire Inspector

What do firefighter do?

extinguishing fires or wildfires
training or participating in emergency tasks such as fires and treatment to the wounded
responds to medical emergencies
When not in an emergency, firefighters are often cleaning their station or checking equipment.
provide public education on fire safety
prepare written reports on incidents
How to become a firefighter
must have high school diploma or equivalent
must have driver's license
training courses in firefighting and emergency medical care
do services that provide or make an impact on your community
maintain a clean background and lifestyle
keep a clean background for investigations
What made me interested in this?
Justin Trinh

What are the work conditions?
facing many hazardous tasks that may risk their lives
work a whole 24 hours for 3-4 days a week
absence from home
physical stress from working with heavy equipment in cramped areas
mental stress from dealing with life or death situations
work in stations or people's home
Other Qualifications
have a knowledge of your area and its buildings
must past an extremely rigorous physical fitness test
must be prepared for life-risking tasks
have a mindset of not running away from fires, but being able to jump in
written test to see if you can withstand the stress
saving lives
learn how to extinguish a fire safely
learn emergency procedures
stay in shape
work close to home
Fire Inspector
Fire Investigator
Forest fire inspector and prevention specialist
hazardous material worker
fire chief
fire captain
Job Outlook
employment is projected to grow by 9% from 2010-2020, slower than the average for all occupations
populations increases and reduction of volunteer firefighters jobs
intense competition

Minimum : $22,030

Median : $45,250

High : $79,150

Similar Occupations
Correctional Officers $38,970
EMTs and Paramedics $31,020
Fire Inspector and Investigator $53,990
Police and Detectives $56,980
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