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"Diamonds is a girls best friend" sweet 16

No description

ToniAnne Arena

on 2 February 2017

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Transcript of "Diamonds is a girls best friend" sweet 16

Signing board
Colors: Gray, silver,black
-vanilla cupcakes, with silver and gray edible pearls and glitter topper of her name.
-Chocolate covered oreos (white with black initial)
-Hershey kisses
-Chocolate covered strawberries (white with edible glitter)
-"16" cookies
-White gummy bears and white jelly beans
-Cotton candy
-Chocolate covered marshmallows (white chocolate with edible glitter)

Center pieces
-$75 each centerpiece (for rent)
-Glitter branches, line of crystals hanging off them, glass vase covered in bling.
-$1,125 for 15 tables

- silver glitter invitation from etsy.com
-5.00$ each
-For 150 people total would be $750.
-Silver glitter candles (16): $60.00
-Glitter candelabra with name: $200.00
Candy table
"Diamonds are a girls best friend" sweet 16 theme
- 4 tier cake
-wrapped around each tier with bling, topped with a glitter "S"
-$224.99 for 150 people
-Glitter seating holder
-Glitter table numbers
-$59.95 for 15 tables
Card box
-Bling card box (Using black box instead of white)
-Glitter cut out diamonds (all black)
-white board
-"Samantha" written in black glitter
-in the center will be a baby picture of her
-$6.27 each, 105 items (ordering extra)
-total of $658.35
-Chocolate candy bar wrappers
-Silver glitter (instead of gold)
-100 items (ordering extra)

All together the party would cost $16,513.29
-Addison park, Aberdeen NJ
-$75 a person (around $11,250)
Menu (Addison package)
-Mac and cheese lollipops
-crab cakes
-chicken fingers and fries
-pasta station
-seafood station
-italian antipasto station
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