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Angelina Botelho

No description

Susan Baker

on 31 May 2018

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Transcript of Angelina Botelho

Angelina Botelho
The Nuer tribe
The Nuer tribe is one of the many tribes in Africa.They have special cultures that make them unique from other tribes. One example is that, they use something called scarification to show signs of adulthood.

The Nuer tribe lives most commonly in South Sudan,in the upper east part of the Nile province. Around the intersection of the very famous Nile river.
The flag contains 5 colors and one star.Blue represents the Nile river.Red represents the blood of the fighters who gave up their lives to war. White stands for peace.Black stands for the African people of South Sudan.Green signifies the agriculture and ability to grow crops on the country side. And finally the star signifies unity of the states of Southern Sudan.
Cultural facts
In the Nuer tribe a man's closest possession is their cattle. Also the Nuer language is a Nilotic language. And the Nuer people only build temporary houses.
historical facts
During the past 200 years the Neur tribe has moved east of the Nile river. And during the mid 1800s people of the Dinka were added in to the community of the Nuer.
For the past 30 years and longer the Nuer tribe has had the problem of civil war against the Dinka.They are fighting over land,food,and water.
The Nuer tribe has many foods such as.. Kissra a special type of bread,and soup which is very important.
The Neur tribe people wear robes and dresses made of fabric of light colors.
The neur tribe live in houses that might be made to live in for a short amount of time.
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