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Tn Issue


Roy Ng

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of Tn Issue

The Teenager. 13-16 PURPOSE WHY I AM HERE TODAY? HOW WILL ALL THESE HAVE AN IMPACT ON WHAT I'LL BE DOING? Your experience matters! CAPITALISE, NOT MARGINALISE IT'S TOUGH BEING A TEEN NEEDS AND DEVELOPMENT PHYSICAL PYSCHOLOGICAL EMOTIONAL THE TEENAGE EXPERIENCE Enlightenment Identity Emotional Transition Dreams and Aspirations Life Decisions Recall the time you experienced...... What readers want... Some want fast-paced excitement

Some want thoughtful insights into reality - and will put down fantasies of nonstop adventure

Some want to read about the people they can identify with, some about characters they will never meet

Some want affirmations of values they already hold

Some hope to be challenged, or even disturbed EXAMINER'S COMMENTS The approach was usually that of the writer recounting events in the third person but, as with all stories, those based to some extent on personal experience and observation had the ring of authenticity, compared with some predictable and familiar storylines, which seemed to indicate that candidates had learned ‘model’ plots which could be applied when the topic allowed. Greed (2008) Write about someone who failed to live up to his or her reputation (2007) Write about an occasion when an attempt to help led to unexpected consequences for the helper. (2009) Some of the strongest candidates seemed to relish the opportunity to engage the reader in narratives which had pace, characterisation and shape. However, this question also produced some more ‘run-of-the-mill’ stories that were unconvincing and incapable of sustaining interest as the far-fetched plots strained the reader’s credulity. Some highly original stories, which sounded authentic, as though they were based on personal experience were really convincing and very good indeed. Many others were obviously adaptations of well-rehearsed narrative themes: helping an old lady cross the road or getting run down by a speeding car…… helping a friend prepare for examinations and being accused of cheating or simple stories of friendships which turned sour as a result of the betrayal of confidence. The Evocative Essay Integrating experiences into your essays Tech Savvy
New Media The 21st Century Teenager Developing the plot + IMAGINATION! TEENAGE ISSUES 17 - 18 TITLES Family
Determination Choices
Regret Sacrifice

What are some possible titles for the video you've just watched?
How would you make use of this clip to craft an essay? SOCIAL MEDIA AND YOU Think about:

What are some possible titles for the video you've just watched?
Does the protagonist have to be the victim? Under what circumstances will someone else be the victim instead? Possible conditions a teenager may have:
Anorexia / Bulimia
Birth deformities eg Awkward birthmark, extra fingers, cleft lip etc
A extremely bad case of B.O bringing strong images, memories or feelings to mind THE CHARACTER


Son or Daughter Grandson/Granddaughter
Orphan/Embittered child
Aspiring Musician
Budding Entrepreneur
Social Volunteer
Social Outcast
Ex Gang Member
Illegal worker
Gaming addict
Juvenile criminal VS "Just because you wrote it one way doesn’t mean it’s the best way. We should always consider if there’s a better way to say what we’re saying." Narratives of self should be a form of evocative writing that produce highly personalised and revealing texts in which authors tell stories about their own lived experiences. The evocative writer Dramatic recall, strong metaphors and vivid characters are used to invite the reader to emotionally 'relive' the events with the author. "a jumble of hormones and attitude with distinct stages that they pass through as they mature" POSSIBLE TITLES:
RESPONSIBILTY ROY NG Puberty Recognition
Encouragement Developing a new image
Redefining values
Self dependence and a sense of responsibility ACTIVITY 2 ACTIVITY 1 Some thoughts... Stronger canadidates responded more individually and in greater and more thoughtful personal detail..... the better candidates produced relevant and well-planned answers, based on their own feelings and experience. Write about some of your worries and hopes for the future (2009) Candidates who took a much more personal approach and wrote directly about their own lives, putting family and friends at the top of the list but still making reference to the key points mentioned, generally wrote more convincing and less formulaic essays, which were interesting and sometimes quite moving in the sentiments expressed. Write about some of the things in your country you value most and would miss greatly, if you had to
live in another country. (2007) Our characters emotions draw on our own emotions and the strength in using your life more directly in your fiction is that you were there. You know the concrete details and can identify with the emotions, whatever fear, panic tenderness the situation evoked. This in turn are invaluable in creating believable fiction. When I was ... Before you go.... Noticed a trend?
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