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Technology of Middle and New Kingdom of Egypt

Technology of Middle and New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt Prezi

Jimmy Muse

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Technology of Middle and New Kingdom of Egypt

Technology of Middle and New Kingdom Ancient Egyptians used technology to improve their life with many inventions. Pyramids The Shaduf The Shaduf was a tool that the ancient Egyptians used to lift water from a water way to land. The pyramids were built for the afterlife. Hoe The hoe is used for gardening. How it was used was by digging over plots. Papyrus The ancient Egyptians used papyrus to write on and to make boats. Canoe Ancient Egyptian canoes were made out of bark and were used for sailing short distances. Wooden Lock with Pins The wooden lock with pins was a lock developed by ancient Egyptians that only opens with the right key. Conclusion The technology of the Middle and New Kingdom project was very interesting. We all learned many things from the intelligence of the ancient Egyptians. Hope you enjoyed the presentation. THANK YOU!!! Credits JAMES MUSE
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