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Stereotypes in the Media

No description

KK Collins-Thompson

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of Stereotypes in the Media

Stereotypes are all around us, in books, in magazines, TV shows, social media, but what is a stereotype really?

Stereotypes are observations made about a group of things that are generalized by a set of over simplified characteristics . A lot of the time stereotype creation is influenced by other people or things, like friends or TV commercials.
For example, pink is a girl color. That is a stereotype. Some girls like pink, but not all of them do, and not all boys dislike pink either (Another stereotype).

What is a Stereotype?
The term "Bias" is quite similar to that of a Stereotype, however there is a difference.
Bias is something that someone is personally favoring, like only telling one side of a story that involves two people. Bias can sometimes be an unconscious decision. Stereotypes are something thought of all of something, like that black cats are bad luck, or the number thirteen is bad luck, while bias would be if there was a particularly beat up cat, and a normal looking one, you might prefer to pet the normal looking one, instead of the one that is beat up.
Stereotypes vs Bias
Many stereotypes commonly found in the media are negative, however there are positive stereotypes too.

Here are some examples: Italians are good cooks, Asians are extremely smart, Women make good teachers, Men are strong.

However, just because it is positive doesn't mean it's okay to generalize someones characteristics or personality. Stereotypes are something I hope will one day be completely gone, or at the very least less influential.
Positive Stereotypes
I chose my project based on the idea of false identity (Identity is our theme this round of exhibitions), and I thought of stereotypes, and how the media is always pushing them on us (like how men and women are supposed to act or look).
I also added something of my own identity, art. I decided to make a collage based off of the stereotypes that the media has masterminded, and explore the idea of false identity, or assumed identity.
My Project
Stereotypes in the Media
Gender Stereotypes
Gender stereotypes are one of the most common types found in the media still, although it is getting better over time.
These are a few of the basic gender stereotypes:
Personality, Occupation/Job, Appearance.

Personality: An example is that men are supposed to be big and strong, while women weak.
Occupation/Job: An example is that women usually stay at home, or are a nurse or secretary, while a man is something like a doctor, or a lawyer
Appearance: An example is that women should be skinny and modelesque, and men should work out and have big muscles.
Racial Stereotypes
Some more common stereotypes found in the media are racial stereotypes, which are the topic of many heated debates across the country.
One big aspect of racial stereotypes are stereotypes involving African-Americans, or "Blacks". There are stereotypes such as all Blacks are athletes, or all Blacks are thugs. Racial stereotypes are often extremely offending or negative, so much so that there will be protests, or large debates about them.
Believe it or not, racism and racial stereotypes are quite different, as racism is based off of treating someone differently because they have a different skin color, or a different religion then themselves, and racial stereotypes are a generalized picture of the group that represents an over simplified opinion of them.
Question Time!
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