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Business Intelligence Analyst

No description

Agaryan Brown

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Business Intelligence Analyst

Carolina Salazar
A'Garyan Brown
Carlos Zamora
Areeanna Martinez

Reports to :
Education Requirement
The basic education requirements for a business analyst include at least a bachelor's degree in business, management, accounting, economics, statistics, information science or similar. More complicated jobs may require a master's degree in business administration (MBA).
Main/General Responsibilties
-Make sure users receive business intelligence on time

Use data to figure out market and business trends for companies to increase profits and efficiency
Type Departments
Business Intelligence Analyst
4th Period
-Make current business intelligence or trend data to support recommendations for action.
-Provide information regarding tools and reports
-Conduct or coordinate tests to make sure that intelligence is consistent with needs.
-Identify current and potential customers, using business intelligence tools.
-Maintain business intelligence tools, databases, dashboards, systems, or methods.
Skills Preferred
Communication Skills
Problem Solving
Time Management
Technical Skills
Analytical Skills

A Real Life Business Intelligence Analyst
Adam Gulbranson
Link to Adam
Terry Brown
Link to Terry
Years Experience
-5 years
-3 years
Colleges that offer this program
University of Phoenix
University of South Carolina
Technical Skills Needed
Skills like analytic and communication will need to be great when applying or a position in this field.
Business Intelligence Analyst can be found in many different departments because it is a valuable job function that can benefit almost all departments found within a company. Essentially a BI.A is ultimately there to use data to improve a business competitive position.
Business Intelligence Analysts can be found in many different departments because it is a valuable job function, therefore there is not a particular manager a B.I.A has to report to.
Real Job Opportunities
They will also need to be proficient in :
rational databases
Basic programming skills
Knowledge of reporting software
Analysis skills
Knowledge base they should have :
Written and verbal communication, including technical writing skills.
Understanding of systems engineering concepts.
The ability to conduct cost/benefit analysis.
Business case development.
Modeling techniques and methods.

Intersys Consulting Austin, TX
Redridge IT Georgetown, TX
Senior Business Analyst at RealPage, Inc.
business intelligence analyst in Dallas/Fort worth
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