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Nuclear Energy

No description

Heather Glazebrook

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Nuclear Energy

1. What is Nuclear energy?
Nuclear energy is the energy found inside of the nucleus of an atom

2. Describe Nuclear fission
Nuclear fission: the splitting of the nucleus to release energy

The nucleus is bombarded by neutrons

Nuclear fission uses Uranium atoms!!!!!
What makes up an atom?
Atoms are composed of a nucleus and an electron shell

The nucleus contains protons and neutrons

The electron shell has electrons
3. How does a nuclear power plant work?
Nuclear fission occurs inside a nuclear reactor

1. Energy is released by the splitting the nucleus of a uranium atom

2. Water is superheated and pumped into an exchanger and then turned into steam

3. Steam is directed into a turbine to generate electricity

4. the steam is then condensed/cooled back into water; waste is released in the form of steam

4. What are the advantages?
- Very concentrated energy

-Does not produce greenhouse gases

- When working properly, emits LESS radioactive waste than a fossil fuel plant

Nuclear Energy
1. What is Nuclear energy?

2. Describe Nuclear fission

3. How does a nuclear power plant work?

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

5. What is the future of nuclear energy?

Nuclear Energy! :)
Disadvantages of nuclear power
- Expensive to build and maintain

- Hard to store the wastes because of radioactivity

- Can have a "melt down"
The future of nuclear power
- One possible future use is nuclear fusion

- Nuclear fusion is the combining nuclei to make heavier elements

- This energy powers the stars
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