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Research paper CompositionII Essay 4

Legalizing Marijuna

kerry brannon

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Research paper CompositionII Essay 4

Why legalize Marijuna
in the us? medical marijuana there are many health
benefits from medical
marijuana and these benefits
are only being used in 13 of
the states

Economic value marijuana brings in a larger
profit than corn and wheat
combined and none of the money
is accounted for hemp and its value hemp is a good source of
fuel,food,building products,
paper,and clothing with proper use
hemp could be the answer to
all of americas energy problems
for every acre of hemp grown 500 gallons
of gasoline can be produced. In the growth
process it removes tons of carbon dioxide from

"Hemp is of first necessity to the
wealth and protection of the country"
-Thomas Jefferson "make the most you can of the
indian hemp seed and sow it everywhere"
-George washington 41 percent of
americans have
tried marijuana
in there life
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