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Singapore's Society

No description

Joe Ong

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Singapore's Society

Singapore's Society Singapore's clean and green city. There are not so much carbon emissi Newater was built to reduce the reliance on imported water The PSI rates in SIngapore is lower than 1st world countries. E.g. USA,China... People at food courts using tissure packets to ''chop'' places Food courts are nowadays very crowded, so people use this type of method to ''chop'' places. Foreigners do not know what the tissue packets are used for and may take. And so the people using the tissue packets to ''chop will find that their seats have been taken and so they will argue with them Causing the foreigners to have a bad image of Singaporeans Recent Mrt breakdowns causing the SMRT CEO to change rapidly The MRT breakdowns is caused by some problems and the staff checking it didn't see the problem in the tracks and the train itself as they are rushing through them to make a report for the cause quickly Secondly, the people are not happy with the SMRT because the MRT breakdowns caused inconvinence to the commuters. They thought that the CEO is not good enough to handle the breakdowns and the others so they decided to change . THis is india This is China There is no burning of forest which will cause air pollution. Before after newater imported water will end one day.. time for another video...
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