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Battle of Leningrad

battle fought at leningrad

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Transcript of Battle of Leningrad

The Siege of Leningrad: the lead up to the battle Plans The German Army group North under Field Marshall von Leeb planned to take
Leningrad quickly and by force, as Hitler had done successfully in Poland and
However, due to stronger than expected resistance, they did not manage to
achieve this.
Instead, von Leeb decided to besiege the city
Together with Finnish forces, they encircled Leningrad.
Leningrad was a major Russian city and therfore one that Hitler considered important. The reasons for this were many. However, a few are:
It was a previous capital city of Russia so was therefore a symbol of Russian pride.
It was an important military base, so once taken would give Hitler and the Nazis more power. Leningrad was one of three major Russian cities that Hitler was focussing on.
He codenamed the operation of taking them Operation Barbarossa. This is a photograph of Soviet troops defending Leningrad, the reason why it took so long (3 years) for the Nazis to take it.
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