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abbie miller

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Boost

By: Kathy Mackel
About the Author
Kathy Mackel has written twelve books her first one was in 1999 called A Season of Comebacks. She has been in some movies as well. A screenwriter for Disney, Fox and showtime.

This book is about this family that had to move to Rhode Island to live on their aunts farm. Savvy the main character who loves basketball has to make the 18u team when she's only in eighth grade. Her sister Callie is a cheerleader. In this book Savvy does make the 18u team and they go on to have fierce rival then during the game when they play each other Savvy is accused of having steroid in her bag. But the steroids aren't actually hers. Callie makes the high school cheer squad and then has some problems with her weight and takes pills and makes herself throw up and doesn't eat so she can be on the squad again. The dad used to be on the PGA tour but fell off the roof and hurt his back. The mom doesn't do anything special she sells printing supplies.

Some of her books
Why you should read this book

I recommend that girls only read this book the main character is a girl. I think you should read this because it's a great book and when I read the first couple chapters I couldn't stop reading this book my eyes were glued to the book and that doesn't happen much. Sarah recommend this book to me.

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