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South Carolina

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of South Carolina

Founding of
South Carolina
South Carolina was founded by eight nobles with a royal charter from Charles II in 1663. They were given the land in return for helping Charles II return to the throne.
Southern Colony
South Carolina is one of the Southern colonies. Of the 13 colonies, South Carolina was the 11th colony to be settled. South Carolina and North Carolina were governed together until 1712.
Economy in South Carolina

Religion in South Carolina
South Carolina was tolerant of many religions to encourage settlement. In 1704, the Church of England was established, but several other religions were still practiced. Quakers, Huguenots (French Protestants), and a large Jewish population were present. The only religion not allowed was Roman Catholic.
Geography in South Carolina
South Carolina is divided into four parts: the Sea Islands, Atlantic Coastal Plains, Piedmont Plateau, and Ridge Mountains. South Carolina has lots of land, and is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Charleston was a major port, and helped South Carolina become one of the richest colonies.

South Carolina grew wealthy from large plantations that grew tobacco, cotton, indigo (a plant used to create blue dye), and rice. South Carolina exported indigo to England to use in making clothes. South Carolina depended on African slaves to work on the plantations. South Carolina also traded in deerskin and leather, and raised cattle and pigs.
Unique South Carolina
South Carolina was one of the wealthiest colonies because of its good plantations and the ability to export its crops from the Charleston port. African American slaves were a large part of the population because they were needed to work on the plantations.

Settlers Houses in South Carolina
People harvesting in South Carolina
Charles II
Charleston Colonial Port
South Carolina Map
Tobacco field

When colonists arrived in South Carolina, they saw Native Americans growing peach trees that had actually been brought by Spanish explorers in the 1500's. So, these first settlers believed that the peaches were native to South Carolina. Today, the peach is the official state fruit of South Carolina.
Peaches in South Carolina
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