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TBDC by RoyLadines

2012 NTP PIR - TBDC Lecture, Issues, & Latest Trends

Roy Ladines

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of TBDC by RoyLadines

3. Quarterly Reports Quarterly Report on Referred patients in TBDC with PhilHealth Quarterly Checklist of Active Referring Physician 4. Incomplete and/ improper referral, will not be evaluated, and be sent back. Same RULE 1. Patients History
2. Type of Patient
4. Filling up the Signs & Symptoms
5. Incomplete History
6. No Previous Films Over Treatment Consequences
Waste of meager resources
Unnecessary psychological burden to the pt
Potential risk of toxicity from anti TB-drugs 1. Refer pt’s with Sp Sm (-) ; CXR TB suggestive

2. Ensure ALL available CXR films (especially to those who undergone tx)

3. Establish Pertinent Data
Hx (previous drug intake, clinical findings, etc.) Referral Procedure To evaluate TB SYMPTOMATICS with the following:

Sputum Smear (-)

Chest X-ray suggestive of PTB Major Task A multi-sectoral, multi-disciplined (an expert body) with decision making capacity, level of province. Roy Ladines, R.N. Committee TB Diagnostic general objectives:
-To improve quality of TB diagnosis and case management among sputum smear negative, radiologically suspect cases ..the greatest wealth is health! so do not use
your health
for wealth! Specific Objectives:
Reduce the level of over diagnosis and over treatment,
Ensure that active PTB cases are detected and provided with judicious anti TB treatment and management. COMPOSITION :

Provincial NTP Medical Coordinator


Clinicians / Internist / Pulmonologist

Provincial NTP Nurse Coordinator

TBDC Secretariat 2. 1. Region IV- A (Calabarzon)
Name of TB DOTS Clinic :_______
Address : ___________________
Reported by : ________________
Reporting Quarter & Year : __Qtr. 201__
(Data Source : NTP Register and NTP Laboratory Register) Prepared by : _____________________________
Municipal NTP Nurse Coordinator

Noted by : _____________________________
Municipal NTP Medical Coordinator T – If Trained;
L – If MD signatory on MOA
C – If PhilCat Certified
(Source-NTP Lab & Lab Reg) TBDC
- lice -
MENT! Issues & Concerns NTP-Nurse Program Assistant What We LEARN, & Needs to Improve Upon

After Our Previous NTP - PIR (June) S A L A M A T S A P A K I K I N I G
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