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Toy Train Project

No description

stephen baker

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Toy Train Project

Today's objective

We will all complete the half housing joint, (graded).

We will all be able to state different wood joints.

To understand and use a Pillar drill.

How to saw correctly
Please complete by writing in DT booklet.

What key words did we learn or remember within this activity.

Last lesson most
Marked out
Used the saw,
chiseled out the joint.

Lets assess our work
can we improve our level?
We will learn about
Wood Joints
and the workshop tool called the
Pillar drill
Measure and mark out the correct measurements accurately

Most will use the Power Drills

Some will use the Pillar Drill

Wood Joints
Look inside your Apron pocket.
You will find an example of a wood joint.
Please tell your form what it is called and write it down in your booklet.
Toy Train Project
Do you know your levels (lets check).
Are you in the correct seating plan. (Theory)
have you got your Housepoint card out.
Before we START
Remember to remark
your evaluation sheet, if you have improved your Housing joint
Lets recap the correct way to use a Tenon saw.

What key words did we talk about.

What wood joint name have you remembered and why?

Well Done
now line up at the workshop door beside your favorite wood joint think carefully I might ask you its name
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