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AAD 600, Unit 6: Production & Printing_archived

No description

UK Arts Administration

on 8 August 2016

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Transcript of AAD 600, Unit 6: Production & Printing_archived

I. Digital vs. Offset Printing
II. Print Terminology & Project Quotes
IV. Preflight & Exporting
III. Working With Print Vendors
Digital Printing
home inkjet printer
Professional printers
Digital printers
Full color = 4 separate colors
Offset Printing
black and white printing is much less expensive
extremely efficient
Date the job is needed
How the artwork will be delivered
Finish Size
Type of proof needed
Online vs Local Printers
Online Printers
Standard Print Timeline
Local Printers
Printers city, state
specialization = cost savings
Why Preflight
How to use Preflight in InDesign
Packaging Your projects
Unit 6:
Production and Printing

and white

printing is much less expensive
1 Week
2 Weeks
Common Vocabulary
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