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By: arianna and camila

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 5 June 2017

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Transcript of By: arianna and camila

who's her family?
The niece of president Theodore Roosevelt. Eleanor's mom died in 1892, and her dad died 2 years later. In 1905, she married her cousin, Fdr (Franklin D. Roosevelt). Eleanor has 6 kids (Anna, James, Elliott, Franklin, John).
Does she have siblings?
Yes, she has siblings. She has 3 brothers. Her brothers are: Hall Roosevelt, Elliot Roosevelt, and Elliot Roosevelt Mann.
Where and when did she die?
She died of Aplasticanemia, Tuberculosis, and heart failure on November 7,1962, at the age of 78. She buried at the family estate is Hyde Park.
what was her personality like?
Eleanor tends to be quite adaptable, she found it easy to fit into the most social set ups and voccational fields
What was she known for?
Eleanor was known as the first lady, and she was active in public service, during WW1 (world war 1) working for the american red cross.
By: Arianna and Camila
Eleanor Roosevelt
where and when was she born?
Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York City on October 11,1884
WAs she inspiratonal?
Eleanor dramatically changed the role of first lady, not in conten to stay in the background. She showed that the 1st lady was inportant. She gave press conferences and spore out for num and womans rights, children issues , she also was focused on helping the countrys poor, stood against racial discrimination, and durind WW2, she traveled abroad to visit U.S troops.
What did she like to do for fun?
Eleanor loved to help people, it was fun for her
Did she have ANY PET?If so how many?
She had a small bear called Jonathon Edwards, a lizard named Bill
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