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The Scarlet Letter-Chapter 12 The Minister's Vigil

Created By Aurelio and Ricki-Le

Fifi Barrera

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of The Scarlet Letter-Chapter 12 The Minister's Vigil

The Scarlet Letter-Chapter 12 The Minister's Vigil
Arthur Dimmesdale-The father or Pearl and the town minister
Hester Prynne-Mother to Pearl, lover to Mr.Dimmesdale, and spouse to Mr.Chillingworth
Pearl Prynne-Malevolent daughter of Arthur and Hester
Chapter 12 begins with Mr.Dimmesdale standing on the "guilty platform" as he lets out a shriek on an "obscure night of early May"
Plot Summary
As Arthur sleepwalks to the scaffold, he feels a sudden rush of guilt and remorse. He imagines the scarlet token on him and shrieks outloud. As Govenor Winthrop dies, Mr.Wilson,Hester, and Pearl all emerge from his deathbed. Arthur thinks he calls Mr.Wilson, but it was just his imagination.
Plot Summary Continued
Hester and Pearl join Arthur on the scaffold where they join hands. At first Arthur feels a bit of repentance, but when asked if he join them tomorrow, he thinks about his reputation and replies no. Arthur asks who Chillingworth is only to get silence from Hester and gibberish from Pearl.
Plot Summary Continued
Pearl says thats what he deserves for not wanting to be with them tomorrow. Arthur sees a metor and it's patch marks the letter A. Mr.Chillingsworth convinces Arthur that he was sleepwalking and walks him home. The next day, Arthur delivers one of his most powerful speeches.
Vigil-A period when something stays awake as opposed to sleeping
Ignominy-Public shame/disgrace
Scaffold-Wooden area for public executions/punishment
Betwixt-Old english for between
Vocabulary Continued
Visages-A persons face/facial features
Malevolence-Showing or doing evil
Erudite-Having or showing great knowledge
Despondency-Being in low spirits because of lowered hope/courage
Sexton-Someone who looks over a churchy
A great red letter lit the sky. The letter A for which the towns people believed it to symbolize the transfomation of governor withthrop acending into heaven and becoming an angel. However Mr.Dimmisdale believed it to be an "A" for his adultry.
The Scarlet Token-The reccurence of the letter signifies the continuation of sin
Pearl Prynne-The book refers to pearl as " a symbol herself". She's portrayed as evil and witchlike because she represents sin.
Hypocrisy-A "saint" commiting major sins
Lying & Remorse-The effect a sin or wrong-doing has on a person
That Concludes Chapter 12
Created by:
Aurelio Barrera IV & Ricky-Le Ramos

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